The trip around Australia took a  little over 5 months. Departure was in August, 2004 when I left in my un-restored 1951, MM model, side valve, Morris Minor. Apart from an engine change a few days before I left, very few preparations were made prior to departure. I just woke up one morning and something told me that it was time to hit the road in old Hewie. I packed a bag with a couple of changes of clothes, a tent and my tool box and I was on my way.

In the following story I talk about life on the road, people I met, hotels and camp grounds I stayed at. And of course the breakdowns and pit stops. I thought there’d be more problems. Either I was just lucky or Morris Minors really are the great little cars all their owners, including me, constant tell the world.

Most of the people met along the way had invested a lot of money into new cars and caravans to do their trip around Australia. In the story I try to show that you don’t need a fancy rig to do the trip. Just set out on your trip in what you have already and don’t push your car, 4 wheel drive, van or what ever you have to the limits. Take it easy, keep an eye on your gauges, ears, eyes, and nose wide open. If something sounds or smells different, stop, get out and look for the problem.

Enjoy the story and I hope it gives you the encouragement to do the same. The story begins in Sydney Australia back in 1971 when I bought my first Moggy. Enjoy the trip!

Good reading and happy touring.

Kerry Whitfield